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International Vocational Training

AquaponicsDevelopments in international vocational training will provide introductory-level construction skills, auto mechanics, bookkeeping, healthcare agents, teaching, hospitality, and computer services to out-of-school youth and adults in Haiti, Jamaica, and Guyana.

This program will utilizes SHELLs (Self-contained, self-powered Health and Education Leaning Labs), connected by internet for distance learning, train-the-trainer education, and traditional vocational school settings.

Progress toward agricultural business incubation has been made to alleviate food insecurities in Haiti and other island states through aquaponics. The agri-business functions around state-of-the-art climate resilient greenhouse farming in areas that import nearly all of their food.

For more information on International Vocational Training, contact Pam Kearney.



Aquaponics is  a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, where both fish and plants can be

Dr. Lee visiting with Haitian child

Dr. Lee visiting with Haitian child

farmed in a healthy, cooperative relationship. Working together, the symbiotic activity feeds a closed ecosystem where both plants and fish can thrive. The aquaponics farm systems are environmentally responsible, extremely productive and, since it raises foods in hydroponic growth beds, may be built on land previously deemed unsuitable for farming.

Be The Change International is developing programs in Haiti as well as the Virgin Islands and at home in Jacksonville. To learn more about this program, visit our Agro-Business page.