World Relief Refugees Working in Aquaponics Greenhouse

World Relief Jacksonville works to resettle refugees from all over the world and help them obtain self-sufficiency. We are so happy to have Benjamin and Erica working with us in our aquaponics greenhouse! 

Benjamin is a refugee from the Congo and was a former secondary school teacher who taught French and English. He taught English mostly to the adults in the village he was from. When he first heard about the aquaponics job he thought it might be hard or only for literate people. Benjamin was amazed by the technology of the closed loop water system and how it was able to go from the fish to the plants and recycle. "I love seeing the fish especially and I miss working on the days I have off. I even come back on the days I am off just to look at it all. I really like working here," Benjamin said.

Erica is a refugee from Columbia and was a former worker on a traditional dirt farm. Erica has knowledge about different plants and gardening. She enjoys cooking and likes working in the greenhouse because she gets to garden in a different way and learn new ways to grow food. She likes taking the produce home that is grown in the greenhouse and learning how to cook with new plants she hasn’t cooked with before.