Fresh Futures Best Friends Run for Mr. & Miss Jean Ribault Sr. High School

Fresh Futures friends Jordan Mills and Miracle Bell both attend Jean Ribault Senior High School, where they both will be in the running for Mr. and Miss Ribault. Jordan and Miracle are very excited for this opportunity to show their school spirit and be part of a school pageant! The theme of this year’s Mr. and Miss Ribault Pageant is, “The Myth, The Legend, The Legacy,” and is centered on the premise of self-love and an appreciation of one’s uniqueness.

About Jordan:

Jordan is in the early college program at Ribault, which will allow him to graduate high school with his associates degree. Jordan is the president of the 5,000 Role Models of Excellence Club, a member of the National Honor Society and represents Ribault on a District I Level being part of the j.a.g.s (Jacksonville Association of Governing Students).

Jordan is running for Mr. Ribault because he feels he is someone who can relate to the different types of students and Mr. Ribault needs to be someone who can be a friend to all students. “It is important that all students feel like Ribault is their school, not just where they are going to school” says Jordan. Jordan’s talent for the pageant will be a monologue but says you have to wait until the night of the pageant to see what it is! Jordan believes that self-love and appreciating your uniqueness is very important and first you have to love yourself before you love anyone else. Jordan said one of his favorite quotes is by Dr. Seuss, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out.”

Being part of a Fresh Futures program for Jordan has allowed him and his peers to be in a safe place to be themselves and said it goes beyond getting a summer job. “It is a place where valuable information is given, unscripted and raw,” says Jordan. Jordan says Fresh Futures builds character, friendships, allows one to voice their opinions and is a great help to all youth in our community.

About Miracle:

Miracle is a member of numerous clubs and organizations at Ribault. She is a member of the Divas of Fidelity, The Singing Trojans and in the Marine Corps JROTC Program. Last fall, Miracle was featured in our newsletter for traveling to Tanzania where she participated in a wide range of missionary activities and spending time with children for five days.

Miracle is running for Miss Ribault because she feels she can make the student’s voice heard through her own and make the school better. Miracle wants to help change the negative perspective of the school and help her classmates achieve more and become successful young adults. She wants to make sure each student has the tools to be successful when it is time to branch out and explore the world. Miracle’s talent for the pageant is a surprise and we won’t find out until the night of the show! Miracle believes that self-love and appreciating your uniqueness is knowing your own worth and loving yourself. “Love yourself, so that nobody can break down your confidence,” says Miracle.

Being part of the Fresh Futures program for Miracle has helped shape her in more than one way, she says. Miracle says she has truly learned more about professionalism, which has helped her with summer internships, at school and will help her in the future. “Fresh Futures is family,” Miracle said.