LifePoint Graduate Finds Hope

Jacqueline Evans came to LifePoint Career Institute unsure of what would happen next in life. Jacqueline heard about LifePoint through a friend and started at LifePoint unemployed, hoping that this was her next opportunity to change that. Jacqueline shared her struggles with us; she has an adult disabled son, there were times when she did not have food, money to pay her bills, transportation issues and wanted to quit coming to LifePoint classes at times but remained to be one of the top students the program has ever seen. She encouraged her fellow peers to form study groups and encouraged each of them when obstacles in life arose. Jacqueline received LifePoint’s Shining Star award at graduation which meant she was a top student within the program and made a perfect score on the American Hotel and Lodging Association Certification Exam.

After the LifePoint session was completed, Jacqueline came back to interview with Shuriah Bledsoe of Goodwill Temps and received a temporary position with Goodwill. Recently, Jacqueline was offered  permanent employment and has been encouraged to apply as a team lead! The Goodwill location she was placed is walking distance from her home which helped her tremendously because she is able to walk to work and not rely on anyone or public transportation, once again proving her motivation. “I will always remember the instructors at LifePoint and everything you all encouraged me to do. You all are a true blessing in my life,” said Jacqueline.