"Saving Lives One Dance Step At A Time"

The Posh Factory Performing Arts Centre, a studio where a wide variety of arts and musical theater are taught by the one and only Sherrod Brown, Owner and Director. Sherrod is a native of Jacksonville, where he attended Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. He has always had a passion for performing and started his journey with singing. When he first auditioned at Douglas Anderson for dance, he was denied and told to come back and audition again. The first day of school came around and he waited anxiously to hear and purposely missed the bus to not go to his neighborhood school. He called Douglas Anderson and was told by the guidance counselor he was accepted and he was ecstatic! His career in performing arts kicked off from there. He started making YouTube videos and was found by Debbie Allen to audition for an unnamed artist. Out of 200 contestants who auditioned, Sherrod was chosen and would be touring with Mariah Carey! Sherrod’s performing career launched when he started to perform with other well-known artists such as Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia and more. He also was on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel and performed in multiple broadway performances.

Sherrod felt a calling to open his own studio back in Jacksonville. He made a Facebook post about opening a studio and raised $10,000 with the help of family and friends. He moved back to Jacksonville with his son and opened up The Posh Factory in its first location on the Northside. The parents of the students helped continue the dream of Posh Factory to open a new studio in a new location, Beaver Street Enterprise Center. Sherrod said they chose Beaver Street as their new location because it is core-city and more central to everything in Jacksonville. It is also closer to both Lavilla School of the Arts and Douglas Anderson! Since moving to Beaver Street, Posh Factory has gained new students.

The Posh Factory has been in business for a little over two years and believes in the young performer. “I want girls to know they are excellent; they are black-excellence; they are powerful; they are beautiful, gorgeous, refined, elegant, high-class, upper-class, upscale and that’s the reason I named it the Posh Factory” Sherrod said. The Posh Factory covers Jazz, Ballet/Pointe, Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Musical Theater to all ages and nationalities but mainly the young performers and home of the black girl magic.

If you are interested in learning more about The Posh Factory, please feel free to contact Sherrod Brown at (904) 265-4700 or send him a message on The Posh Factory Performing Arts Centre Facebook Page