International Outreach

Be The Change International has used successful models applied by FreshMinistries in Jacksonville to help families in Africa, Haiti and other areas throughout the world.

We are working to create agricultural business incubation programs to alleviate food insecurities in Haiti and other island states through aquaponics. This agribusiness functions around state-of-the-art climate resilient greenhouse farming in areas that import nearly all of their food.

With the Church of the Province of Southern Africa, we created a coalition that continues to work in southern Africa to combat HIV/AIDS. We are proud to have helped launch this continuing program, which:

  • Is education-based
  • Encourages broad community discourse on the topic of HIV/AIDS
  • Reinforces the protective influence of parents and caregivers
  • Addresses sexual coercion and exploitation of vulnerable groups, particularly women and children

Youth outreach workers help recruit and train community members to advocate abstinence until marriage and faithfulness after marriage. They work throughout the church province, which includes South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia. Indigenous leaders are also recruited and trained to disseminate positive health messages in age-appropriate ways.

Our Impact:


900,000 African youth's health saved or positively impacted

The Harvard School of Public Health discovered that 900,000 African youth's health were either saved or positively impacted by FreshMinistries' peer-to-peer HIV/AIDS prevention and anti-stigma education program.


Funded by President George W. Bush


The program was funded by President George W. Bush's first PEPFAR round of funding (President's Emergency Program for AIDS Relief) and was claimed as an excellent example of how faith-based organizations can impact the world.